What is Dircom?

Dircom is a professional association of communication executives and managers from companies, institutions and consulting groups in Spain. It currently boasts over 900 members.

It was founded in 1992 by a group of professionals in light of the increasing importance and scope of their responsibilities in companies and society as a whole.

Our vision is to enhance the role played in organisations by communication and communication managers so that this department and its executives are regarded as a key strategic area and role. We carry out our mission through our four strategic goals:

  • Acknowledgement: Enhancing the role played in organisations by the communication manager and corporate communication.
  • Knowledge: Acting as transmitters and providers of knowledge in communication matters.
  • Networking: Encouraging the contact network and the exchange of experiences among communication executives.
  • CSR & Responsible Management: We stand up for the responsibility, the ethical management and trust recovery of organisations with their stakeholders.

Dircom’s Board is made up of the Chairman, three Vice Chairmen, a Secretary General, a Treasurer and fourteen Executive Officers (communication managers in enterprises and institutions, top executives in communication agencies and representatives of the academe), with the support of a management team.

Dircom has 7 territorial delegations: Dircom Aragón, Dircom Canarias, Dircom Castilla y León, Dircom Catalunya, Dircom Galicia, Dircom Comunitat Valenciana y Región de Murcia and Dircom Norte. Since July 2013 is also has a Management Board in Andalusia.


  • Member Executives of any field of communication that develop their professional activity in organizations and communication consultancy firms CEOs.
  • Freelance Member Communicators who, due to their professional background in companies and institutions, decide to offer advice as freelance members.
  • Knowledge Member, both national and international communication professionals, interested in information, documentation and communication training, as well as senior professionals from different disciplines associated with communication.
  • Academic Member Professionals whose teaching or research activities prove useful and relevant to the Association.
  • Young Member Professionals currently in a period of training, no older than 30.
  • Correspondent Member Foreign communication professionals not resident in Spain and Spanish citizens living abroad who are exclusively interested in information and documentation generated by the Association.


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